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Course Overview

SAP SuccessFactors Course Overview

    The word “cloud” has became the buzzing word to the latest emerging applications which are being delivered in the corporate world.SAP Success factors is also related to cloud-based HR Information System(HRIS) which enables best business process in order to achieve the greatest path to success. Benefits of Success Factors

  • Aligns –the labourforce with a raising strategy and will make the people to work on the right tasks
  • Optimizes- the performance across the organization as you find the right people
  • Accelerates- the business results with more productivity

Who can opt SAP Success Factors?

  • Candidates with 3 to 4 years of experience in General HR module
  • People having Payroll experience
  • Professionals having Recruitment experience
  • Candidates registered for SAP OLTC (Online training) program.
  • Working Professionals with good knowledge in SAP HCM modules with Domain experience.
  • SAP Consultants keen to get certified
  • Support staff functioning on SAP HCM

Necessary experience to learn SAP Success Factors

  • Having work experience in HR will be a benefit
  • Prior work experience in Recruitments
  • Working experience in consulting organizations in HCM

SAP Successfactors is a quantum leap in the SAP HCM path and is cloud-based.SAP Successfactors focuses on primarily four main aspects which are talent solutions, HR Analytics, SAP JAM and core HR solutions. Successfactors also being famous for Business Execution consists of workforce analytics and workforce planning that ultimately comes under Workforce Intelligence. Business execution and Human resources both play a vital role for the effective functioning of the organization, and hence SAP Successfactors is a worthwhile implementation. With SAP Successfactors, there are a lot many HR products that can be taken into consideration and hence strengthen the business execution and Human resources management of an organization.SAP Successfactors uses SAAS (Software as a Service) platform and provides some of the best HR solutions, which would otherwise will not be possible with SAP HCM. Some of the core concepts covered in the training program are Introduction to Mastery, cloud architecture, Compensation management, SAP JAM, success factors provisioning, goal and performance management etc.

Why Choose Us : –

SAPAllOnlineTraining invites all the interested candidates, who want to get trained in SAP Successfactors.Yes, with an industry focused training curriculum, our SAP Successfactors training course will help you understand all the key concepts of Successfactors from an Industry perspective. As this module is new, our team of SAP trainers and subject matter experts have taken considerable care in preparing a module based training methodology along with an exhaustive training course material. We assure our candidates that they will get the best of this module, which in turn will help them in their career advancement. When it comes to the training schedule, we see to that the entire training course is completed within the stipulated amount of time as told to you while you have joined. IT Learnmore being a hard core training organization takes the entire responsibility in imparting resourceful Successfactors training that will be worth your investment and time. We take due consideration the ‘value’ factor and see to that all our candidates get the training value as they were expecting.

Course Contents

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training Course Contents

Course Objectives

  • Get an Idea what Success Factors is
  • Comprehend how Success Factors is designed
  • To know why and how Success Factors has become boss in HR Cloud Service

Modules enclosed in SAP Success Factors Training

  • Introduction to Success Factors
  • Employee Central
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Analytics and Planning

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Success Factors :-

In this module, you will come to know what exactly Success Factors mean and its requirements, day-to-day roles and the problems & solutions. Moreover gets a clear idea regarding the various infrastructure layouts and understands Scalability and Availability.

Employee Central :-

In this module, you will know how success Factors stores HR data by learning foundation objects & data models. Integration capability of Success Factors and other key elements like MDF Framework will be explored in this module.

Performance Management :- 

In this module, you will understand how the complete process of Performance and Goal Management is configured and modified in order to meet client requirements. We will also discover the various key steps involved in setting up this process as Admin/Manager/Employee

Workforce Analytics :-

In this module, you will put forward to learn how easy it is to configure the Reports there by Analytics. Diversity between the report and a Query also relating them to Analytics. On the other hand we will go through the complete Workforce Planning process also.


Introduction to Mastery

1. Introduction to Successfactors Products.
2. Instance, Provisioning explanation
3. Technical Architecture
4. Integration Technology/Tools
5. Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology.
6. Basic company settings in Provisioning
7. Creating administrators in Provisioning
8. Creating administrators in Instance
9. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Comp info.
10. Administrator tools
11. Managing To DO List.
12. Manage V12 Home Page.
13. Admin tools 2.0 and the Old Admin OverView.
14. Commonly used terms
15. Admin Privileges
16. Proxy Management
17. Setting up company Logos
18. Manage Data User Records
19. Employee Data File
20. Permissions
21. Password Policies
22. Email Notifications
23. Text Customization in Instance
24. One Admin
25. People Search
26. Rating Scales
27. Route Maps (Workflow)
28. Launching forms
29. Employee Profile
30. XML and Data models
31. Pick list Management.

Analytics & Reporting

1. Introduction to Reporting
2. Introduction to Dash Boards
3. Set up process dashboards
4. Rating Scale Dashboards
5. Create Interactive Dashboards
6. Reporting Admin
7. Manage Report Permissions
8. List view reports
9. Spotlight view reports
10. Spread sheet reports
11. Classic reports
12. Adhoc report Builder
13. Advanced Reporting.
14. Online Report Designer.
15. Real Time scenario/Trouble Shooting demostyfied.

SuccessFactors Bizx Mobile

1. Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Mobile Device.
2. Employee Central On Bizx Mobile.

Compensation Mastery

1. Compensation Management Introduction
2. Compensation Mastery Prework
3. Setup Provisioning for Compensation.
4. Comp admin tools
5. Data Integration User Data File.
6. Compensation Plan Template.
7. Compensation Mastery Salary Sheet Management
8. Work Sheet Designer
9. Column Designer
10. Setup Look UP Tables
11. Salary Pay Matrix
12. Setup Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping Tables.
13. Compensation Eligibility
14. Compensation Guidelines
15. Multi-Dimensional Matrix for Guidelines.
16. Compensation Program Budgets
17. Budget Rules
18. Setup Salary Proration
19. Executive Review
20. Multi-currency review
21. Bonus Sheet
22 . Bonus Guidelines
23. Bonus Rules.
24. Stock Options
25. Rating Sources
26. Compensation Reporting
27. Compensation Statement
28. Admin Maintenance
29. Real Time Scenario Trouble Demonstyfied.
30. EC Integration
31. Final exercise/Case Study.

Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM

1. Introduction to EC
2. Basic provisioning Setup
3. EC Navigation
4. Setup Super Administrator Account and Managing authorizations.
5. Data models and DTDs
6. Employee Central Structure
7. Data model Management
8. Data model Associations
9. Enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI) in Provisioning
10. Business Configuration UI to Maintain Succession Data model
11. Enable employee central and RBP
12. Update employee details
13. ESS/MSS functionality
14. Understanding security
15. Managing security with RBP
16. EC as a system of record
17. EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
18. Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
19. Creating and modifying associations
20. Propagations
21. Importing users and data
22. Mass Changes
23. Customizing employee files
24. Customizing CSF for employee files
25. Position Management
26. Absence Management
27. Employee Central Reporting and Integration
28. EC Payroll Integration
29. MDF Overview
30. MDF Objects creation
31. Generic Objects and Configuration of Generic Objects
32. Customer Specific Foundation Objects.
33. Rules setup.
34. Search of Inactive Employees/users.
35. Rehire Inactive Employee.

Course Highlighs

Training Focal Points

  • A fully fledged modular based training course material.
  • Success Factors certified Professional in Employee Central and Solution Consultant.
  • Having 6+ years of experience in Online and Corporate trainings.
  • Groomed more than 1500 professionals and handled 60+ batches.
  • Server access will be provided for practice purpose.
  • Free demo session to get an idea regarding all the core concepts that will be covered in the further training sessions.
  • Limited students per batch.
  • Back up classes (videos) will be provided based on student’s request.
  • Exclusive space for doubt clarifications.

Demo Class Video

SAP SuccessFactors Demo Class Video

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Trainer Details

Trainer Profile

  • 10+ Years of experience in SAP HR & Success Factors.
  • Certified in Employee Central and Performance & Goal Management modules.
  • 5 Years experience in Corporate Training.

Students Registration

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