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SAP SD Online Training

SAP SD Online Training Course Contents

Enterprise Structure

  • Definition and Assignment of Organizational Elements
  • Account Groups
  • Number Ranges
  • Partner Determination Functions
  • CMR (Customer Master Record)
  • MMR (Material Master Record)
  • Customer Material Info Record
  • Condition Record

Sales Documents

  • Item Category, Item Category Determination
  • Schedule Line Category, Schedule Line Category Determination
  • Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery, PGI, Invoice Creation

Delivery Documents

  • Overview of Outbound Deliveries
  • Route Determination
  • Shipping Point Determination
  • Picking, Packaging

Billing Documents

  • Invoice Creation
  • Invoice Cancellation


  • Condition Technique In Pricing
  • Pricing Procedures Configuration
  • Condition Type, Access Sequence,
  • Condition Table, Condition Record
  • Pricing Scales
  • Header Condition, Item Conditions
  • Condition Exclusion Procedure

Special Sales Orders- Rush Order, Cash Sales Order

  • Scheduling Agreements & Contracts
  • Free goods Determination
  • Material Determination
  • Revenue Account Determiation / SD FI Integration
  • Availability Check and TOR

Text Determination

  • Output Determination
  • Credit Management

Simple, Automatic Credit Management

  • BOM (Bill Of Materials)
  • Third Party Business Process
  • LIS (Logistics Information Systems)
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