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SAP PLM Online Training

SAP PLM Online Training Course Contents

SAP Netweaver2004s overview

  • Overview of Different Software Components in Netweaver.
  • Overview of Business Intelligence. And Glance of all the New Features.

Enterprise Data Warehousing – Data Modeling:

  • Info Objects.
  • Data store objects (all three types).
  • Infocubes and Virtual Providers.
  • Multiproviders and Infosets.

Enterprise Data Warehousing – ETL

  • Master data extraction from Flat file (Attribute and Text)
  • Transaction data loading to Basic Infocube.
  • Data loading to Standard DSO and DSO to Infocube.

Enterprise Data Warehouse – New concepts

  • Direct Data acquisition Using Virtual Providers.
  • Real time Data acquisition from SAP systems and Non SAP systems.
  • Remodeling and Repartitioning.
  • Migration aspects.

New Data Flow concepts in Netweaver 2004s

  • Transformations and different types of Transformations.
  • DTP and Types of DTPs.
  • Source systems and Data sources.

Enterprise Reporting and Query Analysis

  • Analyzer.
  • Query Designer.
  • Report Designer.
  • Web Application Designer.
  • Visual Composer Reporting.

BI Performance

  • Aggregates.
  • BI accelerator.
  • BI Statistics.

BI-Integrated Planning

  • Planning Environment and Planning Functions.
  • Planning in the Excel
  • Planning on the Web.


  • ¡P Forms
  • ¡P Compilation
  • Element IDs
  • GD*
  • Portal Runtime & Portal Apps

Client Events

  • Eventing Framework ¡V EPCF
  • Raising and Subscribing to events
  • GD*
  • Server Events
  • GD*

Session 3

  • DB Connectors
  • Configuring Connectors
  • GD*
  • Visual Composer
  • GD*
  • WebServices overview for VC
  • Introduction to WebDynpro programming model.
  • GD*
  • WebDynpro Contexts.
  • Context Mapping ¡V External & Internal.
  • GD*

Session 4

  • Configuring EP Gateway to connect to SAP.
  • Configuring SAP connectors.
  • Adaptive RFC.
  • GD*
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