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SAP EP Development Online Training

SAP EP Development Online Training

Duration: 35 Days

Web Dynpro Introduction

  • Basic concepts behind Web Dynpro.
  • Basic architecture of a Web Dynpro Component.
  • Exercise_Hello_World

Web Dynpro Controllers

  • Understanding of the Model View Controller (MVC) design.
  • Understand the different kinds of Web Dynpro controllers and what they are used for.

The Context at Design Time

  • The structure of the context.
  • Context mapping.
  • Exercise_Simple_Application.

UI Elements

  • Introduction to UI elements & Context binding(Putting data on the screen ).
  • Controlling the behaviour of UI elements using context binding & Using a basic composite UI element.
  • Exercise_UI_Elements & Exercise_UI_BAPI.

Controller and Context Programming

  • Understand the controller methods that are available to you for application  Coding.
  • The Context API.
  • Exercise_Default_Value.
  • Exercise_Table .
  • Exercise_BAPI.

OTR and Messages

  • Introduction to internationalization & Online Text Repository .
  • Message handling.
  • Exercise_Messages.
  • Exercise_Messages_OTR.

Generic UI Services

  • Value Selector.
  • Exercise_Value_Selector.
  • Value Help.
  • Exercise_Object_Value_Selector.

Dynamic Modifications at Runtime

  • Modifying the context structure at runtime & UI Element hierarchy at runtime
  • Use of dynamic actions.

Component Usage

  • Component Interface  & External Mapping & Web Dynpro Component Usage
  • Exercise_Component_Usage

ALV for Web Dynpro.

  • ALV integration in Web Dynpro & ALV Configuration Model.
  • Exercise_ALV

Portal Integration

  • Web Dynpro integration into SAP Portal

Interactive Forms

  • Overview into Adobe integration


  • Configuration & Customizing & Personalization
  • Exercise_Configuration


Duration: 35 Hours


  • SAP Web Dynpro is the SAP development toolset for creating professional Web user interfaces (UI) for business applications. Web Dynpro  ABAP and Java applications are developed within the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio using a MVC approach that minimizes manual UI coding and uses visual tools to design and reuse components. Web Dynpro is based on the powerful and flexible MVC architecture that helps implement a clear separation of user interfaces from backend services.

Who can join:

  • Developers and consultants who want to create applications based on the Web Dynpro for Java programming model.
  • Project managers with technical experience who want to learn about the capabilities of Web Dynpro for Java

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop a Basic WebDynpro Application
  • Create and implement a UI using Views and Windows
  • Create and implement programming logic using WebDynpro Controllers
  • Interact with a business backend system via ABAP Function Modules

Course Outline:

Unit 1: SAP Java Development Environment

Unit 2: WebDynpro Introduction

Unit 3: WebDynpro Controllers

Unit 4: The Context at Design Time

Unit 5: The Context at Runtime

Unit 6: UI Elements

Unit 7: Language Support and Messages

Unit 8: Value Help

Unit 9: Debugging

Unit 10: Dynamic Modifications at Runtime

Unit 11: WebDynpro Models: Adaptive RFC Layer

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