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SAP BODS Online Training

SAP BODS Online Training Course Contents

Duration: 25 Hours
Data Services Training on a real time scenario and Installation

Data services Fundamentals

  • Architecture
  • Purpose of DS
  • Basics and understandings connecting to the external systems storing the data in the local repository
  • Dataservices Design Interface
  • Datastores
  • Importing Metadata
  • File Format
  • Batch Job
  • Datastores
  • Data Flow
  • Query transform
  • Executing job

Built in Transformations

Platform Transformations

  • Case Transformation
  • Map Operation Transformation
  • Merge Transformation
  • Query Transformation
  • Row Generation Transformation
  • SQL Transformation
  • Validation Transformation

Integrator Transformations

  • Data Transfer Transformation
  • Data Generation Transformation Effective Date Transformation
  • Hierarchy Flattering Transformation History Preserving
  • Transformation Table comparison Transformation
  • Pivot & Reverse Pivot Transformations
  • Key Generation Transformation
  • XML Pipeline Transformation

Data Quality Transformations

  • Match Transformation
  • Best record Strategy

Built in Functions

  • All built in system functions
  • Validating. Tracing and Debugging Batch job
  • Built in Transformations (Platform, Data Integrator, Data Quality)
  • Dataservices Scripting language and Variables
  • Capturing changes in data (Initial / Deltaload) Handling Errors
  • and auditing
  • Migrating Projects Administration Profiling
  • Managing Metadata
  • Connecting to SAP Applications
  • ABAP data Flow processing Using Dataservices
  • IDoc interface connectivity Using Dataservices
  • SAP Application table source in real jobs using Dataservices
  • Executing Batch jobs that contain ABAP Dataflows
  • Connecting to SAP Net weaver Business warehouse
  • Using Dataservices in SAP NW BW environments
  • Defining SAP Net Weaver BW Datastores Using Dataservices
  • Loading into SAP NW BW Using Dataservices

Profiling Using Data Insight

SAP BO-Data Federator:-

  • Creating target tables
  • Defining Sources of data Mapping
  • data sources to targets
  • Managing Constraints
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Changes

Real Time Jobs

  • Introduction to Real time Jobs
  • Manipulating the XML Doc using BODS
  • Testing the Real time Jobs
  • Executing the Real time Jobs
  • Creating the WSDL as an output
  • Invoking and provoking a WSDL using BODS

SAP AIO Methodology for DS (Version 3.0/3.2)

  • Introduction
  • Versions of AIO
  • Different Output formats of AIO

Project End – End

  • Building the project
  • AIO-Mapping sheets
  • Using / Customizing the Standard AIO templates
  • Profiling
  • Connectivity
  • Extracting and scoping the data
  • Using SQL as Database repository
  • Building the job
  • Managing and scheduling the jobs
  • Lookup jobs and requirement
  • various errors you encounter
  • XML/IDOC/LSMW output formats.
  • Troubleshooting project
  • Project Maintenance
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