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SAP ABAP Online Training

SAP ABAP Training Online

Course Overview

SAP ABAP is an intriguing part of SAP Environment, hence the very requirement of methodical and in-depth training course has to be the key focus, for all the candidates interested to learn this module. At

SAPAllOnlineTraining, there is a team of dedicated ABAP trainers who will help every candidate learn this technology from an industry viewpoint. Not only that, apart from learning the core concepts of this technology, we will also see to that our candidates who have enrolled for this course, will try to implement in a case scenario, so that in real-time scenarios they can apply this technology with ease. Having conducted a decent number of ABAP batches, we want to conduct more batches wherein every candidate successfully learns the technology and make themselves job ready. With so many updations, revisions, modifications happening for most of the technologies, we revise our course curriculum as and when required based upon the market demand. Our ultimate aim is to impart relevant and latest course curriculum that which can ensure a better career for all our enrolled candidates.

Training Highlights for ABAP:

  • Good explanation with real time scenarios
  • Well skilled and proficient trainers
  • Weekday and weekend batches exist
  • Server access will be given for practice purpose.
  • Free demo session
  • Limited students per batch
  • Additional classes for doubt clarifications


  • Basic knowledge of Object Oriented concepts.
  • Basic understanding of relational databases.

SAP ABAP was formerly used by developers to build up the R/3 platform. This module was also implemented by SAP customers to improve the functionality of SAP applications. ABAP stands for ‘Advanced Business Application Programming’. With this module, users will be able to develop customized reports and interfaces. The entire ABAP programs are being stored in the SAP database. These very programs are edited using the ABAP workbench tools. Again, all these programs are compiled and executed within the SAP basis environment. ABAP programs are classified into report and module tools. The term report indicates programs that can influence data in a normally list-oriented manner. This particular module validates all the programming requirements required for smooth functioning in the SAP environment. One more thing to consider is that all the development activities in this module are carried out by the ABAP Workbench. Some of the core concepts covered in this module are Introduction to ABAP/4, SAP & R/3 Architecture, ABAP Dictionary, Open SQL tables, ABAP Internal tables, Debugging and modularization techniques.

Course Contents

SAP ABAP Online Training Course Contents

Introduction ECC 6.0

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to the world of SAP
  • Exposure to SAP and SAP Products
  • SAP R/3 Architecture
  • SAP Landscape
  • SAP Implementation and Lifecycles
  • SAP Easy Access

Introduction to ABAP

  • Overview of procedural Programming Lang
  • Basic Constructs of ABAP programming
  • Understanding Data types and Operators
  • Control Statements
  • ABAP Workbench
  • Package Builder

ABAP Data Dictionary

  • Domains
  • Data Elements
  • Tables
  • Structures
  • Views
  • Table Types
  • Search Help Objects
  • Lock Objects

ABAP Programming – Part I

  • Structure definition in ABAP program
  • Work Areas
  • Internal Tables
  • Operations On Internal Tables
  • Control Break Statements
  • Need for Modularization Techniques
  • Subroutines
  • Function Modules
  • Include Program and Macros
  • Introduction Open SQL
  • SELECT statements
  • Using JOINS
  • INSERT Statement
  • MODIFY Statement
  • Performance Tuning – Application and Need
  • SQL Trace – Usage

ABAP Programming – Part II

  • Types of Reports
  • Classical Reports
  • Interactive Reports
  • Events in Reporting
  • ALV (ABAP List Viewers) Reports
  • Real-Time Object (Report) Development

ABAP Programming – Part III

  • Module Pool Programming
  • Graphical Screen Painter
  • Events in Screen Programming
  • Sub-Screen Designing
  • Tab-Strip Controls
  • Custom Controls
  • Applying LUW’s
  • Real-Time Object (Screen) Development

ABAP Programming – Part IV

  • Introduction to Data Migration
  • File Processing in ABAP program
  • Working with Presentation Server files
  • Working with Application Server files
  • BDC (Batch Data Communication)
  • Transaction Recording using SHDB
  • Call transaction Method
  • Session Method
  • BAPI Method
  • LSMW (Legacy System Migration WorkBench)
  • Real-Time Object (Conversion/Interface) Development

ABAP Programming – Part V

  • Introduction to Business Documents
  • Developing Business Document Template
  • SAP Scripts – Basics
  • SAP Scripts – Advance
  • Smartforms – Basic
  • Smartforms – Advance
  • Real-Time Object (Business Document) Development

ABAP Programming – Part VI

  • Introduction to Enhancements
  • User Exits
  • Customer Exits
  • BADI’s
  • Enhancement Spots
  • BTE (Business Transaction Events)

ABAP Programming – Part VII

  • OO-ABAP  Introduction
  • Classes and Object
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Application of OO-ABAP in real-time scenario

Cross Application Methodologies

  • Introduction to distributed Technologies
  • Introduction to IDOCS
  • Understanding the ALE Layer
  • Configuration of ALE layer
  • IDOC – Enhancements
  • Custom IDOC Development


Demo Video

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